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Welcome back 💋Everything has really been changing with the pandemic not under control we contemplated whether the time was now to launch Zoey’s world 🌎 Lipgloss and accessories 🤔But then I asked myself what time would be better ?

We want assure you we have followed all measures to prevent being affected as well as slowing the spread of COVID-19 .All Lipgloss was prepared in a clean environment where we live by Sanitation/Sterilization/Disinfection. Rubber gloves mask /face shields were worn while preparing products 💋❤️

Pushing forward we have launched my baby’s lipgloss business we are super excited and ready to be fully creative when it comes to giving you guys the most super cute lipgloss treats 💋

We have launched the website and fully stocked and ready to deliver.we provide wholesale services as well as party events view the website for further details and of course to treat yourself to some of our lipgloss treats

Click the picture ➡️Shop Zoey’s world 🌍

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